Full Time Lineup

Blonde Ale

A clean, crisp, and refreshing ale. It harmonizes 100% Alberta malt and delicate Mount Hood hops for an elegant finish complimentary of any occasion.

5 % abv
Eric the Red
Amber Ale

A malt forward beer featuring specialty malt barley from across the country. A deep amber coloured beer featuring rich notes of caramel.

5 % abv
Oatmeal Stout

Epic oatmeal stout pours deep black, topped with a crown or creamy mocha coloured head. Bountiful with notes of rich chocolate and warming espresso. Epic oatmeal stout lives up to its name, delivering a flavour that’s larger than life.

5 % abv
Thor’s Hammer

Brewed with Western Canada’s finest malt barley and a mountain of hops. Six additions of cascade, centennial and citra, plus a generous dry-hopping add a rush of citrus, mango and tropical fruit aromas to the rich flavour of this amber beer.

5.3 % abv

Rotating, Seasonal, and One-off Brews

Lonestar Bock
Texas Style Amber Lager

Early German immigrants to Texas wanted a beer to remind them of home, and at the same time take advantage of locally available ingredients. The end result was a bock style lager brewed with corn. 6.4% ABV. Brewed in collberation with Elbeck Brews from Edmonton.

6.4 % abv
Raspberry Wheat
Fruit Ale

Bursting with the aroma of juicy raspberries and brewed to refresh. This light beer pours a red tinted hue of golden orange.

4.5 % abv