Full Time Lineup


Blonde Ale

A clean, crisp, and refreshing ale. It harmonizes 100% Alberta malt and delicate Mount Hood hops for an elegant finish complimentary of any occasion.

5% abv
Eric the Red

Amber Ale

A malt forward beer featuring specialty malt barley from across the country. A deep amber coloured beer featuring rich notes of caramel.

5% abv

Oatmeal Stout

Epic oatmeal stout pours deep black, topped with a crown or creamy mocha coloured head. Bountiful with notes of rich chocolate and warming espresso. Epic oatmeal stout lives up to its name, delivering a flavour that’s larger than life.

5% abv
Thor’s Hammer


Brewed with Western Canada’s finest malt barley and a mountain of hops. Six additions of cascade, centennial and citra, plus a generous dry-hopping add a rush of citrus, mango and tropical fruit aromas to the rich flavour of this amber beer.

5.3% abv

Rotating, Seasonal, and One-off Brews

Wolf in Monk’s Clothing

Belgian Dark Strong

Winner: Bronze, 2018 Canadian Beer Awards

Traditionally made by Trappist Monks as a source of nourishment, we bring you our version of a strong Belgian Dark Ale to keep you warm this prairie winter. This special release is brewed with raisins and figs caramelized in port and orange peel for a hint of citrus.


10.8% abv
Knut the Great

Brown Ale

An old Norsemen Brewing Co. favourite, Knut the Great Brown Ale is a light and refreshing English Brown Ale. Brewed with roasted malt barley from Red Shed Malting in Penhold AB, this beer features a soft mouth feel and notes of nuts, caramel, and brown sugar.

4.2% abv

Retired Brews


New England Style IPA

It’s hazy, got that pillowy soft mouth feel, and double dry hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado (18g per litre to be exact). Odinjooze delivers pineapple and mango flavours by the boat load. Finishes dry and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.



5.5% abv
Grapefruit Wheat Ale

Wheat Ale

Light and refreshing summer fruit ale brewed with real grapefruit. Brewed from 100% Alberta grown barley.

4% abv
Open Saison

Dry Hopped Saison

This collab with Wild Rose Brewery in Calgary is built on a combined 30 years of brewing experience. Expect tropical fruit aromas from the bold dry-hop of Galaxy, Citra, and Vanguard. Followed up with refreshing and spicy notes from the trio of saison yeasts dry finish.

4% abv
Eric in America

American Red Ale

Hiding under big citrus notes of West Coast hops are flavours of toasted biscuit and caramel. Brewed with Alberta grown malt barley and topped off with massive citra and mosaic dry hop. Aromatic and refreshing, this beer finishes dry. This is what happens when Eric the Red gets away for a California vacation.

6.3% abv
7 Year Beer

Earl Grey IPA

The Norsemen Brewing Co. is celebrating seven years of brewing, and we’re marking the occasion with a special beer. This IPA is hopped exclusively with Idaho 7 Hops and comes in at 7% abv. Big tropical flavours and aromas with a hint of black tea and bergamot from an addition of earl grey tea. This beer finishes dry and is available for a limited time only.

7% abv
Crude Deception

Black Lager

Don’t be deceived by this light and refreshing lager. Blackened by Alberta’s other great resource, roast barley from Penhold’s Red Shed Malting.

4.6% abv
Oktoberfest Lager

Märzen Style Fest Bier

Traditional Bavarian Märzen style lager brewed to mark the transition from summer to fall. Five varieties of malted barley and delicate German nobel hops give this beer a rich, full bodied flavour.

5% abv
Runestone Rhubarb Saison

Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale

Runestone pours a rich golden hue with a slight haze. Made with barley, wheat, and rye grown throughout the province. Spiced up with a touch of rhubarb and fermented in the Belgian farmhouse style. Brewed in collaboration with Ribstone Creek Brewery in Edgerton Alberta.

6.2% abv
Raspberry Wheat

Fruit Ale

Bursting with the aroma of juicy raspberries and brewed to refresh. This light beer pours a red tinted hue of golden orange.

4.5% abv
Lonestar Bock

Texas Style Amber Lager

Early German immigrants to Texas wanted a beer to remind them of home, and at the same time take advantage of locally available ingredients. The end result was a bock style lager brewed with corn. 6.4% ABV. Brewed in collberation with Elbeck Brews from Edmonton.

6.4% abv
Ravenous Horde Saison

Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale

Devouring everything in their path, a unique Belgian yeast strain gorged themselves on Alberta barley, wheat, and rye to give us a crisp and refreshing farmhouse style beer with notes of pepper and lemon.

6.1% abv
Angry Chef


Aromas of tangerine, papaya, blueberry, and lemon rule with an iron fist. This medium bodied ale finishes dry and asks no questions. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

5% abv