Norsemen Brewing Co


About Us​

Since 2010, the Norsemen Brewing Co. has been handcrafting small-batch beers in Camrose. Tucked into the Tap Room Bar & Brewery at the Norsemen Inn, you’ll find four mainstay brews alongside two rotating taps.

Do you ever wonder why beer tastes better belly up at the bar with a buddy or how effortless conversations seemingly appear out of nowhere with someone you’ve just met? Do you ever ask yourself where you came from, where you’re going, and how much a half barrel of beer weighs? Listen up, we don’t have any answers to these questions either, except for the last one – heavy, really really heavy! But there’s no better place for such healthy discourse than your local watering hole. And if you’re going to have a drink—or three—you should do it with the best ingredients and most flavorful brews available, made by local brewers who care as much about their craft as they do their community.

All the beers are produced with locally grown and sourced ingredients, brewed in-house, and served fresh throughout the Norsemen Inn and all well-known local bars and restaurants.